Message from the Chairman

WELCOME to the local website of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce! 


Switzerland has significant economic ties with the United States with a trade volume of $ 124 billion in Imports & Exports of goods and services in 2018. Switzerland is also the 7th largest foreign direct investor in this country with $ 310 billion cumulative investment and 471’000 Swiss affiliated jobs, while Switzerland  is one of the top 20 export markets worldwide for the United States supporting nearly 270’000 American jobs. Considering the scope of these ties the activities of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce are as important as ever. With almost 2000 members on both sides of the Atlantic, including representatives of prominent American & Swiss companies, the Chamber is a strong voice in advocating its members’ economic policy interests in Berne and in Washington DC. 


In addition the Chamber is committed to bring business leaders together to facilitate contact among the membership and guests, provide platforms for networking across different areas of business and organize presentations or panel discussions on relevant topics which further promote the strong trade relationship between the United States and Switzerland. 


The local chapter of the Chamber in Florida is a not-for-profit organization advancing business success and membership engagement with a series of attractive events throughout the year.  


I encourage you to take advantage of the program the local Board of Directors of the Florida Chapter of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce is putting together and look forward 

to see you at our events. 


Ferdinand Kurt