Sep 13, 2021

Future of Swiss companies in the USA media release

In the past years, the US market has become the largest export market and the most important direct investment destination for Swiss companies. Swiss companies see the planned massive investment programs by the government and Congress as great opportunities. But some new rules in supply chain and fiscal topics raise significant questions. This is revealed by a new report by the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce. Swiss companies see the need to improve supply chain risk management, increase productivity and expand apprenticeship programs.

For decades, the United States has been one of the most important markets for Swiss companies. Today, the US market is the largest export market for Swiss goods, it was the market with the largest nominal export growth, and it is the largest direct investment destination for Swiss companies. The large, planned investment program by the US government and Congress (totaling some US$ 6 trillion) will bring large opportunities for Swiss companies. CEOs of these companies see the future in a very positive light. However, the accompanying new location requirements (“Buy American”, “Critical Supply Chains”) as well as fiscal changes will demand significant adaptions in the way to do business. The Swiss American Chamber of Commerce conducted over 40 Interviews with C-level executives of Swiss companies about their strategies in the United States.

„The U.S., being the top export market and a major investment target for Switzerland, offers lucrative opportunities for Swiss companies. A very pleasant finding in our report is that Swiss companies seem to be optimistic about their prospects in the U.S. over the coming years. Reasons for that are among others the American business-friendliness and the attitude towards innovation and positioning – characteristics which distinguish the U.S. from Europe”, says Martin Naville, CEO SwissAmerican Chamber of Commerce. “Nevertheless, the past developments and the uncertainty of the government’s economic agenda pose a great challenge to Swiss companies which attentively evaluate the evolving circumstances in order to react proactively.“