MAY 5, 2022

Swiss Miami Golf Open 2023

Celebrating the Success of the 2023 Swiss Miami Golf Open!
We are thrilled to share the tremendous success of the latest Swiss Miami Golf Open edition held at the Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne!
A heartfelt thank you goes to the members of the Swiss and American business community, esteemed guests, passionate golf enthusiasts, dedicated volunteers, and invaluable sponsors for making this event memorable. The unwavering support and enthusiasm truly made a difference.
We greatly appreciate your dedication to fostering a strong partnership between Switzerland and the United States, your support for ‘The First Tee Miami,’ which we partnered with, and its mission of empowering young people through the game of golf.
We extend our most profound appreciation to the selfless volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make the Swiss Miami Golf Open a reality. Your dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed.
Lastly, we thank our sponsors whose generous contributions made the Swiss Miami Golf Open possible. Your commitment to supporting sporting events and fostering community engagement is genuinely commendable. We are grateful for your invaluable partnership.
Once again, we thank you all for participating in this remarkable journey and look forward to meeting you all again soon on the greens!