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This is the place for you to connect and become part of our community. Our purpose is to strengthen Swiss-American business and cultural relationships in Florida through:

  • Networking
    We organize professional networking events, round tables and informal conversations in an effort to bring the Swiss-American business community together.
  • Local Support Services
    We offer companies and individual members access to legal, immigration, HR, tax and financial experts and provide essential information about doing business in these two markets.
  • Business Expertise
    We assist corporate members with Florida specific consulting services across all areas and provide knowledgeable support, valuable resources and access to the local business community.
  • Entrepreneurship
    We connect start-ups, entrepreneurs, VCs and individual investors with target industries and help transform start-ups into scalable companies.
  • Mentorship
    We support the entrepreneurial ecosystem and offer mentorship from seasoned Swiss and US business executives to our members.
  • Leadership
    We contribute with thought leadership in cutting-edge topics linked to business, technology and society.

Why Florida

Florida State is home of a rising number of start-ups and large enterprises looking for innovative solutions.
There are a few compelling reasons to choose Florida as the place to do business:

Business Climate

Florida with its dynamic business climate, multilingual workforce, low taxes and exceptional quality of life, is a natural choice for start-ups, mid-market companies and Fortune500 leaders. Florida has a pro-business, pro-technology agenda for policy-making and business climate improvement.

Gateway to the world

Miami’s geographic location combined with the language skills and energy of its workforce make it a perfect fit for a growing global company. Companies from around the world have regional or global headquarters in Miami to penetrate the Americas market, both North and South America. Florida has been long known as the Gateway to Latin America.

Modern infrastructure

Florida’s transportation infrastructure is one of the world’s most extensive multi-modal systems, featuring international airports, deep-water seaports, extensive highway and rail networks and multiple hubs that allow for high-speed data transmission from around the U.S. to Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Entrepreneurial Environment

Florida as one of the nation’s friendliest states for entrepreneurs, and the U.S. Small Business Administration puts Florida among the most highly efficient states in fostering the start-up of new businesses.

Competitive costs for doing business

Florida is a fresh and cost-friendly alternative to the busy and overpriced Silicon Valley, and other known hi-tech hubs in the U.S.


Florida has been named the No. 1 state for higher education by U.S. News & World Report for four consecutive years. The state’s extensive network of higher education institutions creates one of the nation’s top ten talent pipeline.

Proficient labor-force

A diverse market alongside strong training and education facilities creates one of the nation’s most attractive workforces for businesses in Florida. Its talent pipeline is consistently ranked among the best in the nation and much credit for the excellent skills of the Florida workforce can be given to the state’s educational institutions and unique workforce training programs.

An economic-impactful small firm’s growth

Reports from the U.S. Small Business Advministration (SBA) shows that small businesses in Florida have had a tangibly sizeable impact in the state economy.

Quality of Life

Florida is one of the most cosmopolitan States in the U.S. Climate and culture, food and diversity, education and low cost of living are the perfect ingredients to a high quality of life in Florida.

Growth Economy

While many regions struggle to maintain the status quo, Florida’s economic engine keeps surging forward.

As of 2019, Florida had the fourth-largest economy in the United States behind California, Texas, and New York with a gross domestic (GDP) product of $1.1 trillion. The biggest contributors to GDP include tourism, agriculture, international trade, aerospace and aviation, life sciences, and the financial services sector. New data shows that today Florida, if it were an independent country, would be the 15th largest economy in the world.

Households in Florida have a median annual income of $59,227, which is less than the median annual income of $65,712 across the entire United States.


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#4 State for Access to Captial in the U.S. – CNBC
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