Jun 12, 2023

The Benefits of Choosing Arbitration in Switzerland

A reputation for neutrality

Switzerland is well-known for its political neutrality and economic stability, making it a popular choice for international dispute resolution. When parties from different countries can’t agree on a neutral forum, Switzerland offers a neutral territory with a fair and impartial legal system. The Swiss legal system also offers a variety of mechanisms for the resolution of disputes, such as arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

Efficient proceedings

Time is money, especially in commercial disputes. Switzerland’s arbitration proceedings are fast and efficient, with standard rules of procedure that allow for a fair and transparent process. Parties can choose to have a single arbitrator or a panel of three arbitrators who have expertise in the relevant field, which contributes to valuable decision-making. Moreover, the arbitral awards in Switzerland are final and binding. This system ensures that the dispute is resolved promptly. See Swiss Arbitration Centre – Dispute Resolution Institution | Swiss Arbitration Centre

High-quality legal expertise

Switzerland has a thriving legal sector and has highly skilled lawyers and jurists. These professionals also provide their expertise in arbitrations, which ensures that the quality of the legal decision-making is exceptional. The lead arbitrator in a dispute is responsible for making rulings and ensuring compliance with Swiss law and international conventions.

Confidentiality of proceedings

Commercial disputes may involve sensitive information, and both parties may want to keep the details of the case private. Switzerland’s arbitration laws provide for the general confidentiality of the proceedings, which means that parties can resolve their disputes without public scrutiny. This is particularly valuable in cases where trade secrets or proprietary information may be at stake.

Enforceable awards

As a signatory to the 1958 New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, Swiss arbitral awards are enforceable in over 160 countries worldwide, making them an attractive alternative to litigation. This means that parties can count on the outcome of the arbitration as being recognized and enforceable in countries that have ratified the Convention.


In conclusion, choosing arbitration in Switzerland provides parties with many benefits that are not available in traditional court litigation. For commercial disputes involving parties from different countries, Switzerland offers a neutral territory with a fair and impartial legal system. This system leads to an efficient and high-quality decision-making process. Moreover, the confidentiality of the proceedings and the enforceability of the arbitral awards globally ensure that disputes are resolved promptly and with a level of certainty that is rare in traditional court litigation. Our team of attorneys are experienced within the realm of international arbitration. For more information visit International Arbitration Attorney – Transnational Matters

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